Geographies of Children


We are undergraduate students (and their professor) at the University of Mary Washington and we include geography, history and interdisciplinary science majors. Three of us are in an education program right now and at least one plans to attend the Post Baccalaureate Education Program after getting a B.A. We have different amounts of and kinds of experience with young people. None of us (including the professor) had done research like this before this class.

Leanna Epps

A senior at the University of Mary Washington in the elementary education program majoring in interdisciplinary science. Not a geographer, but interested in the topic!

Abigail Hunt

Abigail is a senior Geography major and Geographic Information Systems Certificate candidate. 


Sarah Bond

A senior Geography Major and Urban Studies Minor. Originally from Baltimore, MD and loves everything about cities and children!.

Weston Boswick

A senior Geography major and Geographic Information Systems Certificate candidate, Weston transferred to the University of Mary Washington in 2016 after completing his Associate's degree in Social Sciences from Tidewater Community College.  Having spent the last several summers as a camp counselor, he was excited to learn of this course and become a member of the research team.

Tayllar Gardner

Tayllar is a senior Geography major at the University of Mary Washington.  She has spent time nannying in her home town of Roanoke, Virginia where she developed a passion for youth work.  Her work with children lead to her decision of joining the research team.  

Griffin Bower

A Junior Geography major from Roanoke, VA with the intention of pursuing the Education Post Baccalaureate program for teaching credentials, “Geographies of Children” was the perfect mashup course of the two majors.

Lesya Melnychenko

Lesya is a Senior at UMW, an Interdisciplinary Science major, Digital Studies minor, and in the Elementary Education and Honors programs. She loves bad movies, dated music, and trash TV. Her interests include Educating the Future of America™, saving the bees, wearing impractical shoes, and advocating for equity within school systems.

Darron Lockett

Darron Lockett is a senior at Mary Washington University majoring in History and American Studies as well as working toward a masters in Education. His historical interests lie in British imperialism in the Middle East in the early nineteenth century, which has little to do with geography or children, but his diversity of studies brought him into the world of Political Science and Geography.

Amanda Waggoner

Amanda is a senior Music and Geography double-major, and Geographic Information Systems Certificate candidate. She enjoys studying feminist geography, race/place in urban landscapes, working with children, and ethnomusicology.